Vinoguard Synthetic Vinyl Gloves - Medium

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Stretch Vinyl Gloves


Vinoguard® Synthetic is no normal vinyl glove. The advanced formulation significantly improves the stretch and strength properties compared to normal vinyl gloves (though not at the same level of nitrile and latex gloves). It is slightly more expensive than standard vinyl but at a lower cost than latex and nitrile. This superior vinyl glove is characterised by its creamy appearance, and is often referred to as pigmentised vinyl.


  • Cost effective - lower cost than nitrile or latex
  • Heavyweight construction - average level of sensitivity
  • Medium stretch - good comfort and fit
  • Good durability - suitable for a wide range of tasks
  • Limited biological resistance - provides basic protection
  • Low grip - ideal for handling frail skin and hair, not textured
  • Powder free - for hygiene and convenience
  • Food contact - approved for non fatty foods only
  • Latex free - no risk of natural rubber latex allergy
  • Colour - cream/ivory for improved appearance over standard vinyl


Vinoguard® Synthetic is best described as a glove which has a performance mid-way between the lower performing vinyl and the higher performing nitrile and latex. The cost of the glove similarly, is between vinyl and nitrile/latex. It is ideal for low risk clinical and general tasks where low grip is desirable (handling frail skin and hair) and where a relatively affordable and comfortable low cost glove is required.




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